Ventilation systems

According to statistics, we spend about 90% of our time inside buildings – at school, at work or at home. In modern times, adequate ventilation systems are the basis for proper air circulation in all types of rooms. Getting rid of various types of contaminants from the inhaled air ensures the well-being of people staying inside and the proper operation of equipment in a room. Research shows that the atmosphere inside buildings can be from 2 to 5 times more contaminated than the outside air. This is especially important in places subject to the presence of additional substances such as smoke, dust, or any gases.

Improperly installed ventilation carries unpleasant consequences in the form of abnormal moisture, mildew, fatigue, illness or ultimately even degradation of the walls in a building. Incorrect circulation is the cause of the so-called sick building syndrome which causes discomfort. To make matters worse, pregnant women, children and the elderly are most exposed to any contaminants. Therefore, outsourcing the installation of a ventilation system to competent professionals is a key element of comfort and security in your environment.

Cold World company specializes in professional installation of ventilation in rooms and buildings. With years of experience in the design, installation and repair of ventilation systems using modern tools, we have reached the most effective solutions related to air circulation. Our offer focuses primarily on the differentiation and individual approach to each of our assignments. We are well aware of the importance of our work, therefore we make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the final result satisfies our customers and provides them with a sense of comfort and safety.

As a company, we place great emphasis on high quality service provided by our specialized team which is at your disposal at any time of the day and night, throughout the year. It is because of the professional approach and concern for the quality of service that we were able to gain the trust of even the most demanding customers, who expect the proper service at the right price. If you are looking for a company that will guarantee professional service in the field of ventilation, please contact us.