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Refrigeration, ventilation, and information technology systems

We are a Company especially dedicated to: refrigeration, ventilation, and information technology systems in the maritime sector. Our offer are including the following services:

• Service & repair of refrigerated containers
• Design, installation and service of refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation
• The conversion of refrigeration and air conditioning systems on factors consistent with EU standard (for example, quick conversion from R22 to R417A)
• Cleaning mechanical, chemical (fumigation) ventilation systems
• Performance measurements of cooling capacity
• IT Services

Taking care of the high quality of the services provided by our team of engineers, We provide a group of technicians available for 24 hours per day/365 days by the year,  which have a appropriate qualifications to work both on the sea and land.

Our commercial services department has in stock a wide selection of spare parts Companies such as: BITZER, COPERLAND, DAIKIN, SABROE, MITSHUBISHI, DANFOS, and many others - which allows Us to act quickly and effectively

To meet the demands of our customers at 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we offer technical assistance until the arrival of our service.

email: , Phone nr: +48798764228 (EU/Poland)

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